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My Mission is to help people to better connect to themselves, so that they can understand their emotions and needs, and build strong, healthy, and trustworthy relationships – with themselves and with others.

The work that I do enables people to better understand themselves, and to release what no longer serves them, so that they are able to live to their full potential and create a fulfilled life and relationships.

This is how I turned my life around – by first changing the relationship that I had with myself. Because every area of your life is a deep reflection of this connection, and the other things flow from that. This led to living my dream life, and to creating a beautiful healthy marriage. 

I believe if you want to change your life, you need to start from within.  But looking within can feel scary, and we often do different things to avoid this, as it can bring up pain for us. We create all sorts of distractions, beliefs, and limitations that stop us from living fully, feeling our emotions fully, and from creating the life we truly want.b

When things change inside you, things change around you.

So I would like to ask you, have you ever been:

  • In unfulfilled relationships and struggling to find your Soul Mate?
  • Feeling that life controls you, instead of you being in control of your life?
  • Not knowing who you truly are, or not knowing how to build a better relationship with yourself and another person (partner, family, co-worker)?
  • Not being able to connect properly to your emotions and intuition, or not understanding how to use them?
  • Trying to "fix" things outside of you, leaving you feeling hopeless and tired?
  • Repeating the same patterns and attracting the same things/people into your life over and over again?
  • Feeling tired, frustrated, unfulfilled, overwhelmed, anxious, constantly worried, isolated, lonely, trapped?
  • Sacrificing, rescuing, over-giving, reacting, always searching for more, and hoping that this next “achievement” will get you 'there' - to your 'happy' place?

Well, I have been there too.  My journey started over 10 years ago when I was going through life without any awareness, and had been experiencing all of the above. 

I got to the point where I felt that there was no way out.  I was in a deep dark hole, on my knees, crying, and trying to understand the turmoil around and within me.

And I surrendered.  And from that moment, my life started changing.  I experienced what people call an “Awakening”, but it was my strong dedication to changing my life and the relationship I had with myself that brought me to where I am now.

This opened a journey of transformation. I attended many seminars, workshops, healing, coaching and mentoring sessions, and I have become a Certified Forensic Healing Practitioner (Dip FH), Certified Coach, and Mentor.

I still pinch myself at times, and feel so grateful every day for how I have turned things around, and for the beautiful life and marriage that I have created.  And I know that what I went through has helped me to uncover my purpose – which is to help and empower those who are struggling like I was before. That is why I am here – to help people who want to build a strong and healthy relationship with themselves and others, to live to their greatest potential, and to create a life they love.

It would be my greatest joy and honour to help you on your journey of discovering yourself – the beautiful, magnificent person that you are, embracing fully your uniqueness, and helping you to discover what is no longer serving you so that you can create the life you truly love. 

With all my love xxx

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